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Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra goes ROSKILDE FESTIVAL

HORNBEEF is releasing the album on Shoebill Records

Musicians from Seeed, Peter Fox, Miss Platnum in a Free Jazz session in Studio P4:  Jérôme Bugnon  - trombone / Richard Koch – trumpet / DJ Illvibe – turntables /  Kay Lübke – drums

RUSCONI + FRED FRITH – live in europe

live recording with most beautiful artwork – also on vinyl!

BIG WIG – in the MIX

Reinventing Joachim-Ernst Berendt – ein Live Remix

On Stage mit Andreas Schaerer und Michael Schiefel im Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Die Kooperation mit dem SWR würdigt den “Jazzpapst” Berendt im Zusammenhang der Ausstellung “I Got Rythm”, wo das aufgezeichnete Konzert auch in Form einer Installation Einzug halten wird.

Woodlander Recording Session @ Recpublica, Poland

Mats Spillmann (tp, flh) – Jonas Ruther (dr) – Luzius Schuler (p, harmonium)


Só que antes disso, eu quero que vocês aplaudam o técnico de som. Ele faz o máximo que pode ser feito pela tecnologia, o técnico de som, aplaude esse gênio! Martin.
One more thing: I want you to applaud for the sound engineer. He is just doing the maximum that can be achieved with technology. The sound engineer – give a big hand for this genius! Martin

O Martin gosta tanto de música, que ele fica tão maluco escutando a música, que parece que ele tá tocando aqui com a gente. Sensacional!!!
Martin likes music so much, and while listening, he is so entirely present, as if he was here on stage, playing with us. Sensational!!!

Hermeto Pascoal in front of the Radialsystem audience, during a concert with Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Berlin, 18.7.2015

Fabio Pascoal, Aline Morena, Hermeto Pascoal

Südtirol Jazzfestival – Altadlige – FANFARE FATAL

Final bow from the grand festival opening concert at Teatro Comunale, Bolzano.
from left to right: Valentin Ceccaldi, vlc / Martin Eberle, tp / Peter Rom, guit / Soweto Kinch, sax&MC / Andreas Schaerer, voc / Leïla Martial, voc / Ruth Goller, eb / Benny Omerzell, keys


Congratulations to the winners Andreas Schaerer and Johanna Borchert!

A short trip trough the various sonics of some 2014 productions.

please also enjoy new trailers in the music tab. you can for example find a journey trough the fantastic sound universe of Julian Sartorius – ZATTER in the “contemporary jazz” section…


please check out our lovely trailer from RECPUBLICA STUDIOS, Poland

Marena Whitcher’s Shady Midnight Orchestra – Album Release

Avant-garde Pop, Ghost Jazz – Marena Whicher who is this years recipient of the prestigious art-prize granted by the Berlin Academy of Arts, releases her first album “Ghostology” that i have been fortunate to mix and master.

Cockpit is ready….

…for high flyin’ Johanna Borchert who got just nominated for the 2015 ECHO JAZZ AWARD – for best national jazz vocalist of the year for her album “FM BIOGRAPHY”!

Samuel Blaser Solo

finishing some work for the upcoming solo trombone release of Samuel Blaser – recorded all around the beautiful rooms at “DDR Funkhaus” Berlin.

Jazzwerkstatt Bern 2015

Thanks to the greatest sound-crew ever: from left to right: Sascha Ramseier, Jonas Alther, me, Damaris Zaugg, Christoph Utzinger, Thierry Looser, Olivier Famin… BIGUP!

starting the Johanna Borchert Solo Tour

that features Benjamin Schnindler with live visuals, and me on interactive live sound design.

summing up my work in 2014

Besides from touring with Johanna Borchert, Hildegard lernt Fliegen, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Schaerer&Niggli or RUSCONI and working as head of sound department at BeJazz Winterfestival and Jazzwerkstatt Bern i have been involved in a couple of nice studio productions in 2014. - Thank you everybody for your trust and inspiration!

2014 Full Production
Synesthetic Octet, Rastlos – Jazzwerkstatt Records Wien 2015
Christophe Schweizer / Young Rich & Famous – Doublemoon Records 2015
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Album IV – to be released 2015
Eclecta Forever, Debut – Deep Dive Records 2015
Jerome Bugnon / Hornbeef – to be released 2015
Thomas Lüthi / Biwak – to be released 2015

2014 Mixing only
Johanna Borchert, Desert Road – Enja 2014
Julian Sartorius, Zatter – Intakt Records 2014
Schaerer&Niggli, Arcanum – Intakt Records 2014
Marena Whitcher / Shady Midnight Orchestra – to be released 2015
Manuela Krause / Ljiljana Petkovic – Auf der Kaiserpromenade – to be released 2015
Rahel Kraft & Valeria Zangger / Hexenkessel – to be released 2015
Michael Zismann Quartet – Concert Videos 2014

2014 Mastering only
Jütz – Chaos Katalog, Bauer Studios 2014
Kreidler, ABC (bonus edition) – Bureau B 2014
Grimsvötn, Eletif in the Clouds – 2014
Der Wawawa, The Angels Have Gone – Werkstatt Records 2014
Fitzgerald & Rimini – Grand Tour – Der Gesunde Menschenversand 2015
Martin Stadelmann / Jade, Songlines – to be released 2015
Hildegard lernt Fliegen, own 2Track Mix for „Live in Goettingen – DVD“ – 2014
ARTE Quartet, Perpetual Delirium, own 2Track Mix for „Live DVD“ – BMC Records 2014

AMEO String Overdub Session at Saal3

To complete the recordings from HAU1 in september 14 we recorded the strings in beautiful Saal3 at the former GDR broadcast station.

BIWAK Recording for SRF

At Playground Studios in Zürich i just recorded the Trio Biwak for a SRF Peter Bürli production. Thomas Lüthi (tsx), Arne Huber (bs), Claudio Strübi (dr)

Schaerer & Niggli – ARCANUM Intakt Records 232/2014

Recently rewarded by the union of german record reviewers, the duo from Andreas Schaerer and Lucas Niggli also features me at their rumbling live performances at London Jazz Festival, Salzburg Jazz in the City or Unerhört Festival in Zürich.

AMEO & Sinfonietta Riga – Concert Recording

I was invited to record the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra and the Symphonietta Riga in Latvia, collaborating with Tonmeister Varis Kurmins and his great team from the Latvian Broadcast. It was an amazing concert, a beautiful evening with great sounding results!

Andromeda Mega Express Ochestra – Studio Recording

The HAU1 theater in Berlin, with its dry stage and beautifully live sounding audience room was turned into a Capital Records like recording studio, with the use of many vintage microphones like AKG C12, Telefunken U47, Gefell UM70 and UM57.

Schaerer Niggli

album: Arcanum (Intakt Records 2014) – mixing, mastering

Andreas Schaerer (voc, electronics), Lucas Niggli (drums)


Julian Sartorius


album: “Zatter” (Intakt Records 2014) – mixing, mastering

Julian Sartorius, solo drums – controlled noise performance



Young, Rich & Famous – Recording Session

Video of Christophe Schweizers Quartet, that features Wanja Slavin, Christian Lillinger and Oliver Potratz, recording in the beautiful Funkhaus-Studios (ex. Planet Roc) in march ’14.

Album Preview – Johanna Borchert – Desert Road (release: 2.oct)

Recording Session with Marena Whitcher & Andrina Bollinger

I am about to produce the debut album of the two extremely talented Swiss singers and multi instrumentalists. The first recording session took place in the marvelously equipped Funkhaus-Studio Berlin. Big UP to Yensin Jahn and Jean Philipp Dusse!

Backstage Aftershow Picture: Johanna Borchert Band

Photo by Frank Schemmann

Johanna Borchert – rehersals for festival tour

Johanna Borchert (voc, p), Fred Frith (g), Shahzad Ismaily (b, git, syn), Julian Sartorius (dr) – rehersing for the stage premiere at MOERS FESTIVAL… Copenhagen, Willisau and Berlin Jazzfestival are still ahead of us.

Back in the Studio

After some serious touring in the past five weeks I am settling back down in Berlin again.

I joined Swiss singer Andreas Schaerer with his various projects (Hildegard lernt fliegen, his duo with Lucas Niggli (dr) and his trio with Peter Rom (git) and Martin Eberle (tp), as well as Perpetual Delirium, a collaboration with Arte Quartett on many stages in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

There was also a concert with RUSCONI feat. Fred Frith at the Treibhaus Innsbruck and two great festival concerts with the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra at Elbjazz mainstage and in the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.


The live album of the legendary Berlin show in Heimathafen Neukölln in May 2012 is now released by Alien Transistor and available on CD and beautiful vinyl.  This unpretentious recording sets a nice contrast to the highly elaborated previous studio releases.

CULLY JAZZ: FOH for Julian Sartorius Solo and RUSCONI

The Chapiteau Tent at the Lake Geneva is packed and waits for the experimental drum performance of Julian Sartorius, which solo album i am just about to mix in the studio.

RUSCONI feat. Fred Frith at NDR

Two evenings at Rolf Liebermann Studio in Hamburg were sold out! Very contrasting double concerts together with Nils Wogram’s Root 70.

Ex Wache Eberswalder – Music Film

The short film is ready! 
It includes work by three filmmakers who were inspired by the 24-minute composition by Tobias von Glenk for a small ensemble.
 All the filming as well as all audio recording was done in the old and abandoned police station at Eberswalder Strasse in Berlin. Here you can see “behind the scenes” of the recording session and some extracts of the film.

BeJazz Winterfestival 2014

The sold-out, 14th edition of the BeJazz Winterfestival in Bern featured a duo performance by Irene Schweizer and Pierre Favre, the world premiere of “Perpetual Delirium” by ARTE QUARTETT featuring Andreas Schaerrer and Wolfgang Zwiauer, as well as the stunning performance by the young South Africans Afrika Mkhize and Ayanda Sikade with Ganesh Geymeier in Bänz Oesters & the Rainmakers! Nils Wograms Roots70 featuring strings demonstrated world-class interplay and acoustic blending, and Michael Zismans bandoneon performance moved us to tears!

It was my 9th year as “head of sound department” for the festival; we had a great time! Thanks to everyone who was involved!

140127 Bund WiFe-Kritik

Vienna Art Orchestra



live sound design & audio production „Third Dream“ European tours 2009 -2011.

recording, editing and mixing of the album „Third Dream“ & „Third Dream Limited Edition“ (Extraplatte 2009)
including the small formation chamber music album „Chamber Music Tenminusnine“ (Paladino Music 2011)


Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra



album: Live on Planet Earth (Alien Transistor 2014) – recording, mixing
album: Bum Bum (Alien Transistor 2012) – recording, recording concept
album: Take Off (Alien Transistor 2009) – recording, editing, mixing

concerts: worldwide touring since 2009


BeJazz Winterfestival



head of sound department since 2005


BeJazz Winterfestival is a festival for contemporary Swiss jazz

festival highlights:
Collin Vallon feat. Eric Truffaz / Asita Hamidi’s BAZAAR / Andy Scherrer’s special sextett feat. Bill Carrothers / Irene Schweizer, Omri Ziegele, Makaya Ntshoko / DEPART / Daniel Schnyder Extreme Chamber Music / Daniel Schnyder Arabian Night / Nils Wogram Nostalgia / Joe Haider Doublequartet / Matthieu Michel Quartett / Peter Schärli special sextett / Markus Stockhausen & SJO / George Robert Jazztet – Tribute to Michael Brecker / Eryka Stucki, Bubbles & Bangs / Pierre Favre Grand Ensemble / Andromeda Mega Express Ensemble / Joe Haider’s Eleven / Grégoire Maret Group / Kaspar Ewald’s Exorbitantes Kabinett / Doran, Känzig, Hemmingway

Jazzwerkstatt Bern



head of sound department since 2008


editor and producer of the compilation CDs that are released annually:

Jazzwerkstatt Bern Live 2013 (Werkstatt Records 2014) – producer, mixing, mastering
Jazzwerkstatt Bern Live 2012 (Werkstatt Records 2013) – producer, mixing, mastering
Jazzwerkstatt Bern Live 2011 (Werkstatt Records 2012) – producer, mixing, mastering
Jazzwerkstatt Bern Live 2010 (Werkstatt Records 2011) – producer, mixing, mastering
Jazzwerkstatt Bern Live 2009 (Werkstatt Records 2010) – producer, mixing, mastering
Jazzwerkstatt Bern Live 2008 (Werkstatt Records 2009) – producer, mixing                   .




album: My Horse Likes You (Staatsakt Records 2010) – mastering

album: Computer in Love – EP (Staatsakt Records 2010) – mastering

album: Remixed (Staatsakt Records 2009) – mastering

album: Remuched Live (Staatsakt Records 2009) – recording, mixing, mastering


concerts: live sound & European touring 2008/2009





live sound for the production „Radio Tango“ feat. Susanna Moncayo and Rubén Amoretti in 2005





live sound design & worldwide touring since 2010
– ECHO 2013 winners „Best Live Act of the Year“ –


Stefan Rusconi (p, syn, voc), Fabian Gisler (b, git, voc), Claudio Strüby (dr, voc)


Karl Ivar Refseth Trio – Recording the Album “Amen” in Norwegian Churches

Karl Ivar Refseth and I loved the idea of recording his music in a wooden church in Norway.  To make the sound and the sonic picture as natural and deep as possible, and to introduce the expression of movement to the saxophone, the recording was made by using one-point stereophony. Known for their warmth and spectacular stereo imaging, two Royer R122 ribbon microphones were used in the figure of Bluemlein.

I am very proud of the sonic result and I am looking forward to the release of this beautiful album.

Mathias Rüegg

Vienna Art Orchestra – album: Third Dream  – 2009

Vienna Art Orchestra – European tours -  2009/2010

Mathias Rüegg – album: chamber music menminusnine – 2011

Lia Pale – album: gone too far – 2012

Tobias Jundt

BONAPARTE – European tours 2008-2010

BONAPARTE – div. studio work 2009/10

Zytglogge Remixes – Candybomber Studio recording session 2010

Markus Stockhausen



album: „Tanzendes Licht“ composition for solo trumpet, bigband and string orchestra

mixdown at Stockhausen Studio 2007


Francesco Wilking



album: Die Zukunft liegt im Schlaf (Tapete 2011) – mastering

track: Der Minister (Die Zukunft lieg im Schlaf) – producer, recording, mixing, editing


Stadttheater Bern


live sound and sound design for numerous musicals, opera, ballet and theater productions from 2000 – 2004.

Maria di Buenos Aires / Showboat / Hello Dolly / Singin’ in The Rain / Alice im Wunderland


Kompost 3



album: Epigenesis (Laub Records 2012) – producer, recording, editing, mixing

album: Rekompost (Laub Records 2011) – mastering


Martin Eberle (tp), Benny Omerzell (p, rh, org), Manu Mayr (bs), Lukas König (dr)


Daniel Glatzel

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – album: Take Off 2009

Das Rote Gras – album: Zipotam 2010

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – album: Bum Bum 2011

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – album: Live on Planet Earth 2014

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – worldwide touring since 2009



track: Foto (Jedes Tier – Tapete 2009) – editing, mixing

concerts: touring in Germany and Uzbekistan

Daniel Schnyder



Arabian Night  feat. Dhafer Youssef – live recording 2007


Don Li


Don Li’s Orbital Garden presents 48 DRUMMERS / 48 MINUTES – audio post-production / restoration
– tribute to Fabian Kurattli 2011

Lia Pale



album: Gone Too Far (Universal 2012) – co-producing, recording, mixing, mastering

single: Little Snowman (Universal 2012) mastering


live sound on European tours

Shahzad Ismaily

Johanna Borchert – album: Desert Road  feat. Fred Frith and Julian Sartorius – 2013 mixdown

Julian Sartorius – album: Zatter  - 2014 mixdown & mastering

Pola Roy


secording session for Judit Holofernes solo record with members of  Mamma Rosin – 2013


Transit Room



album: Cypher (Jazzwerkstatt Records 2013) – recording, mixing, mastering

album: Gordon Pym (Double Moon Records 2010) – mixing


Andreas Wälti (bs), Clemens Salesny (sax), Samuel Blaser (tb), Samuel Halscheidt (git), Tobias Backhaus (dr), Daniel Glatzel (sax, bcl)


Marco Jeger

Samplehof Facebook


several collaborations for Weltschall since 2001

KONVEX – album: Three Weeks 2007


Le Rex



album: le Corse (Unit Records 2010) – producer, recording, mixing, mastering

album: Asona (Unit Records 2012) – producer, recording, mixing, mastering


Marc Stucki (sax), Benedikt Reising (sax), Andreas Tschopp (tb), Marc Unternährer (tuba), Rico Baumann (dr)


Joe Haider


album: Brad Leali „Live in Europe“ at Marians Jazz Room (JPC records 2006)

album: Joe Haider Quartett: A Sunday in Switzerland (JHM records 2004)





album: Panic We Are Hanging Here (2013) – mixing

album: Customers From Hell (2010) – co-producing, recording, mixing

album: Phrases From The Second Floor (2007) – co-producing, recording, mixing


Tobias von Glenck



sound design for “Ex Wache Eberswalder” – 2013
a 24-minutes New Music composition for choir, classical ensemble and soloists



Hildegard lernt fliegen



album: Cinema Hildegard (Unit Records 2012) – producer, recording, mixing, mastering

film: Tales Wander 2012 by Michelle Brun - sound design, mixing

album: Vom fernen Kern der Sache (Unit Records 2009) – mixing


Andreas Schaerer (voc), Benedikt Reising (sax), Mathias Wenger (sax), Andreas Tschopp (tb), Marco Müller (b), Christoph Steiner (dr)


Samuel Blaser



album: 18 monologues élastiques (2013) – producer, recording, mixing, mastering


Samuel Blaser, Trombone





album: Weidwund (2012) – producer, recording, mixing

album: Liebi und anderi Verbräche (2007) mixing


DEPART (Jojo Mayer, Heiri Känzig, Harry Sokal)



live sound & European touring 2007-2009


Harry Sokal (sax), Heiri Känzig (b), Jojo Mayer (dr)


Joe Haider Trio & Double Quartet



album: A Sunday in Switzerland (JHM records 2004) – mixing

live sound on European concerts with trio, quartett and double quartet feat. Modern String Quartett

Joe Haider (p), Giorgos Antoniou (b) Daniel Aebi (dr) / Double Quartet feat. Thomi Geiger (sax) and Munich Modern String Quartet





EP: Aalfang (JazzWerkstatt Records 2013) – mastering

concerts: Bern / Berlin / Groeningen


Brad Leali Quartet


album: Live in Europe (JPC records 2006) – recording, mixing, mastering


Brad Leali (sax), Sean Jones (tp), Pat Bianchi (org), Winard Harper (dr)

Die Pilze


album: Wer sind die Pilze (Unit Records 2008) – recording, mixing


Benedikt Reising (sax), Xavier Nussbaum (sax) Martin Eberle (tp, flh), Benjamin Külling (p, rh),  Marco Müller (b), Rico Baumann (dr)


Judith Holofernes



recording session for Judit Holofernes solo record with members of Mamma Rosin
“Wir Sind Helden Studio” – 2013


Camerata Bern


live recording of “Tanzendes Licht” by Markus Stockhausen and “Trimorphum” by Philip Henzi in a collaboration with the Swiss Jazz Orchestra in 2007





album: Nonagon (Werkstatt Records 2014) – mixing, mastering

album: The Dome (Artbeat records 2012) – mastering


Marina Sobyanina (p, voc), Sergey Balashov (dr), Oleg Mariakhin (sax), Maximilian Grossenbacher (b)





album: „At the ageof six i wanted to be a cook!“ (JazzWerkstatt Records 2013) – mixing, mastering

album: Please don’t feed the Model (JPC records 2012) – mastering
-> 3rd rank in Concerto Poll „Best Jazz Album“


Andreas Schaerrer (voc), Peter Rom (git), Martin Eberle (tp, flh)


Der Wawawa


album: The Angles Have Gone (Werkstatt Records 2014) – mastering

album: Lord Huhn (Werkstatt Records 2011) – mastering

album: Der Wawawa (Werkstatt Records 2009) – mastering


Marco Müller (bs), Benedikt Reising (sax), Rico Baumann (dr)



Die Höchste Eisenbahn



album: Schau in den Lauf, Hase (Tapete 2012) – mastering

album: Schau in den Lauf, Hase – Bonus Live EP (Tapete 2012) – live recording, mastering

EP: Unzufrieden (Tapete 2012) – mastering




album: Travesias – recording, mixing, mastering


Simon Hostettler piano, composition, arrangements / Susanna Moncayo, canto (Argentina) / Lorenz Hasler, violin / Victor Pellegrini, guitar (Argentina) /  Amparo del Riego, cello (Cuba) / Lukas Hasler, double bass


Pedra Preta



album: Your Choice (Unit Records 2010) – mixing


Munir Hossn (git, voc) Tonee Schiavano (bs), Florian Reichle (dr)


Das Rote Gras


album: Zipotam (Meta Records 2010) – mixing, mastering


Karsten Hochapfel (git, cello), Daniel Glatzel (sax), Mathias Götz (tb), Nicolas Cambon (tp), Silvaine Hélary (fl), Adeline Salles (fl), Benny Schaefer (b), Gabriel Hahn (dr)


Uri Gincel Trio



album: FREE (Unit Records 2013) – mastering


Uri Gincel (p), Andreas Lang (b), Moritz Baumgärtner (dr)

Karl Ivar Refseth Trio



album: “Amen” – recording, mixing, recording concept


Karl Ivar Refseth (vib), Christian Weidner (sax), Matthias Pichler (b)




album: Earn And Seed (Universal Music 2011) – mastering

Swatka City


album: Nighthawks (kuentschtli.ch/Iracible 2011) – mastering

Grand Mothers Funck



album: Beat Mondial (2005) – recording, mixing

album: Secrets in Sonic Space (2002) – recording, mastering


live sound, European touring 2004-2008


Transit Room – Cypher

The audio recording of the Saal3 – video session in November 2012 ended up being so convincing that the label Jazzwerkstatt Wien released it as a beautiful audiophile 45rpm LP…  http://www.transitroom.net

Open Season



album: Here We Go (Leech Records 2008) – mastering


live sound & dubbing for European tours 2005-2008


Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

The live recording of the legendary Berlin concert at Heimathafen Neukölln from 2012  is about to be pressed on CD and vinyl! The release will be on March 14th. In the meantime, we toured throughout Germany and visited RIGA for a concert at “Rigas Ritmi Festival” on November 13th.

Here is the nice video by Stephane Talneau of the performance at the Berlin Jazz Festival 2013:

Die Höchste Eisenbahn – Bonus EP

“Die Höchste Eisenbahn” is releasing the album “Schau in den Lauf Hase” that I mastered, and – surprise – on a limited bonus edition, there is an extra disc with the livedesk recording of the only concert I ever mixed by the band. It captures the beautiful atmosphere at Heimathafen Neukölln on October 3rd 2013.

Tobias von Glenck


album: Kopfkinokantaten, Judith Polgar plays 24 piano pieces (Meta Records 2012) – mastering

album: Bitter Sweet, Tobias & Stefan (Unit Records 2013) – mastering

music film: Eberswalder Project (2013/2014) – recording, sound design

Swiss Jazz Orchestra



album: Sincerely Yours – live double CD 2014 – mastering
album: Live at Jazzfestival Bern feat. Paquito D’Rivera, Claudio Roditi  (Mons Records 2013) – mastering
album: Close Encounter feat. Michael Zisman (Mons Records 2009) – mixing
album: Buebetröim II (Musikvertrieb AG 2009) – mastering
album: Tanzendes Licht feat. Markus Stockhausen & Camerata Bern (Aktivraum 2008) – recording, mixing
album: Buebetröim I (Musikvertrieb AG 2007) – mastering

concerts: live sound for Bierhübeli Monday shows 2004-2007 as well for different special projects
(Big Band feat. Michael Zisman, Buebetröim Swiss Allstars, Markus Stockhausen, Camerata Bern)


Lia Pale – CD of the month

The magazine Stereo awarded Lia Pale’s album “Gone to far” as CD of the month in August and printed a beautiful review with a great rating for music & sound!

RUSCONI – Best International Live Act 2013

RUSCONI wins the Jazz ECHO as “Best Live Act International 2013″ and outnumbers the other nominees Wayne Shorter, Enrico Rava, Esperanza Spalding and Rudresh Mahanthappa in a public e-voting – YAY!

Ballbreaker Ensemble



album: Töff (Werkstatt Records 2011) – producer, recording, editing, mixing



Jazzorchester Vorarlberg

album: „Introducing the Jazzorchester Vorarlberg“  (Sessionwork Records 2010)
- recording, editing, mixing, mastering