“Martin loves music so much, and while listening, he is so entirely present, as if he was here on stage, playing with us. Sensational!!!“
Hermeto Pascoal

said in front of the Radialsystem audience, during a concert with Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Berlin, 18.7.2015

Hello dear visitor!

On this website you can find examples of my work in music and sound.
Below, you find showreels of past productions.
If you like what you hear, feel free to contact me.

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Mix & Production Showreel 2019

Listen to 20 productions in 7 minutes:

All mixed and (all but one) mastered by Martin Ruch at CONTROL ROOM BERLIN.

More than half of the productions were also entirely recorded by Martin Ruch in recording studios like Emil Berliner Studio, Jazzanova Recording Studios, Meistersaal Berlin, Funkhaus Berlin, Studio Bonello, Fatoria Musica, Bauer Studios, Recpublica, Zentrifuge or “Die Wache“.

Please find the artists name and Spotify links in the comments…

(The volume of some tracks have been lowered to for better sound quality and flow ;-)

Martin Ruch · CRB Showreel 2019


My work as as Producer, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer has been released on:
ECM, ACT, Sony Classical, Universal Music, WeJazz, Figureight Records, Edition Records, Col Legno, Traumton, Hat Hut, Intakt, Leo Records, Enja & Yellobird Records, Jazzwerkstatt Bern, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, XJazz, Double Moon, Shoebill, Fun in the Church, WhyPlayJazz, Whirlwind Records, RoninRhythmRecords, Alientransistor and others.

In the course of my career I have been fortunate to collaborate with:
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Matthias Ruegg, Vienna Art Orchestra, Hermeto Pascoal, Billy Hart, Raoul de Souza, Christophe Schweizer, Lars Danielsson, Jojo Mayer, BONAPARTE, Trickster Orchestra, Die Höchste Eisenbahn, Petter Eldh, Andreas Schaerer, Jim Black, Philipp Gropper, Samuel Blaser and many more.

Besides my passion for traveling and live-sound mixing I love to work in recording studios that fit the precise needs of the project. For mixing and mastering I take the recordings to CONTROL ROOM BERLIN - my perfectly accurate listening and production environment equipped with Strauss Mastering Monitors SE-MF2.

I am a member of the german sound engineer association.
Verband Deutscher Tonmeister - VDT

Approved „Mastered for iTunes” / „APPLE DIGITAL MASTERS” mastering engineer certified by Apple.


0049 (0) 175 118 60 96


Eberswalder Strasse 10
DE-10437 Berlin